Thursday, December 11, 2008

Name changes of files

Since I have created these filters we have begun to add the Français language into the mix. It has caused me no ends of grief not to have a consistent naming method. For example, both the Français and Anglais names for the central file is proxy.txt. What is wrong with that? I have to keep track and use different folders for the uploads. Also, I called the debug version of the filter proxy.debug on Unix but dbgproxy.txt on MS Windows. All that is different between proxy.txt and dbgproxy.txt is that one line that turns the debug on. The only difference between dbgproxy.txt and proxy.debug is substituting LFs for CRLFs. Therefore, I am proposing to make the following changes:

1. That file named proxy.debug would become dbgproxy on Unix. We aren't done yet because I haven't addressed the language question yet. In other words, this is the name sans the language version.

2. The only difference between the Unix and Windows files other than the LF versus CRLF will be that Windows files will have the ".txt" extension. Somebody said I should have either ".pac" or ".js" for all of them. Okay, how do you propose we differentiate between MS Windows and Unix versions of the file? These other extensions may be okay but it works with the "*.txt" extension and I have a dandy way of differentiating the Unix and MS Windows files by just dropping the ".txt" extension on Unix. The file name extensions have no meaning on Unix anyway. Unix systems find out all they need to know about what kind of file they have by looking at the permission flags of the file and just "sniffing" the first few bytes of the file and comparing that with the magic database. With the ".txt" extension on MS Windows, people can just double click on the file name and edit it. It is very difficult to tell a novice how to edit the file with these other extensions. I don't worry about the Unix people. I do worry about the Windows people. I told somebody who has been using Windows for the past five years to close the window I had them open several instructions previously only to have them ask me "how do I do that?" Well, you click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the window. It seems like that would be common knowledge after five years. We are not done yet. We still have the language to consider.

3. I have been caught putting Français versions of the files where the Anglais files should be. That may or may not be a Freudian slip. But the mixup occurred because they both have the same name. I am proposing that the downloads and the proxy files themselves have the language version embedded as part of the name. That means for example that the English version of the main install download will become InstallProxyPkg_EN.msw.7z and InstallProxyPkg_EN.unx.7z for Windows and Linux respectively. That makes it match what it is for the Français version which is InstallProxyPkg_FR.msw.7z / InstallProxyPkg_FR.unx.7z. Ditto for the auto updaters AutoPac_FR.msw.7z / AutoPac_FR.unx.7z and AutoPac_EN.msw.7z and AutoPac_EN.unx.7z. If I do that I will put ALL of the download files no matter what language they are in, in a downloads folder.

3. Since I am also proposing that the names of the proxy files themselves contain the language code in their name, the new names then of the proxy files themselves will be:

   MS Windows

   MS Windows

What this will do is make it possible to make Espanol versions available in the future. I will let somebody else handle the other languages. If you have any objections then contact me at hhhobbit frat to tell me what they are. Otherwise this will be the direction I will go. It just became too much without some sort of standardization to do this and keep up with it. In other words, I was doing this already anyway. I was using the Français version of the file one day and didn't notice that I forgot to put on a terminating ";" in the Anglais (Américain) version on one of the new rules I just added. I didn't have a problem, but the English speaking people did have a problem which would have included me when I switched back to English two days later but somebody else caught the SNAFU before then. Unless I hear an objection (now is the time to speak up) I will be working all Christmas and the few days after that on the name changes. I should have everything straightened out and working by 2009. I do NOT have my fingers crossed - that is when I expect it all to be working.