Friday, September 19, 2014

Are we being hacked by the Chinese?

I wrote a response to a comment made about this article that said the US Senate was invenstigating the Chinese break-ins that occurred at TRANSCOM in September 2014:

Fierce Government IT - Chinese Hackers

I wrote this reply to callmebc's comments (it may not be exact because the original is gone - they deleted it):

You can be skeptical about the Chinese being behind it but you should not be skeptical about it being done. It IS done. I am an independent security analyst that cannot work due to actions by the FBI going on eighteen years with no end in sight. But I have even pulled down a banker trojan from a Financial Institution ( about one month ago. We need to get Windows systems out of the POS cash registers at brick and mortars and work upward from there. APT (Advanced Persistant Threat) can be avoided by shifting to Linux (not nearly as secure as OpenBSD but more user friendly) and using Thunderbird or other email programs that don't render HTML making phish a thing of the past.

I got the very same malware that did in Google several years back and it WAS of Chinese origin right down to the hashing function that could only be theirs.

Since the editors deleted my response here it is.  I do have the malware that did in Google and will provide it to Fierce Goverment IT upon request.  I also have malware that used the same RealTek certs used in Stuxnet.  The visible proof is here:

Realtek certs used in Stuxnet

That malware will also be provided to Fierce Govenment IT upon request.

Henry Hertz Hobbit   (Intenet Name)
David Alexander Harvey   (Legal Name)

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