Friday, March 24, 2017

SecureMecca Closing

Due to circumstances beyond Henry Hertz Hobbit's control, SecureMecca will be closing ASAP.

I have had battles over the years with the hackers in Odessa (the Black Sea Port).  Now that Donald Trump is POTUS and these hackers did things to help him win (it is them, not the Russian government) I received a threatening email message from that I was causing it so that  nobody could go to or their blog.  Since I was only blocking (an alias to an AmazonAWS host) their users could not go to either their website or their blog.  I tested it and that was untrue, at least for going to directly.  I have concluded that the attack is motivated by politics.  This is especially likely to be the case since nobody has said a thing to me for years.

So effective soon, SecureMecca will be closed, especially since over 85% of the people in the FSA (it used to be the USA) hate Muslims.  At least Muslims aren't Satanic.  Member of ISIS however, are not in harmony with the Qur'an on multiple points.

For a limited amount of time I will continue to provide updates to the PAC filter and the blocking hosts file to  I don't know what the owner of that domain plans but I don't plan on supporting what I have much beyond 2017 in this hostile political climate.

Best Wishes.

Henry Hertz Hobbit